Dear @Twitter / @Support / @Translator


Dear @Twitter / @Support / @Translator,

My account (@paultita) was suspended on September 11, 2014, without any email notification regarding the reason for my suspension. I reported the suspension to the support team twice, but I didn’t receive any answer.

Considering my volunteer translation work for the translation of Twitter to Romanian, I think I deserve at least an answer.

Sincerely yours,


UPDATE (October 15, one month and 4 days after the suspension):

Their answer:

Hello,Your account was suspended because it was found to be violating the Twitter Rules (, specifically our rules around participating in targeted abuse.If you would like to request your account to be restored, please confirm that you’ve read and understood the Twitter Rules.Please note that future Twitter Rules violations may result in permanent account suspension. We appreciate your cooperation going forward.Thanks,

Twitter Trust & Safety

System Reference: ref:00DA0000000K0A8.500G000000UfoZk:ref

My reply:


Thank you for your answer.

I would like my account to be restored, but not before knowing which one of my tweets (or messages) is considered to be a targeted abuse. None of my tweets includes threats and I don’t use to send so much messages.

I’m asking this because it’s not my intention to commit any abuse at all.

„Targeted Abuse: You may not engage in targeted abuse or harassment. Some of the factors that we take into account when determining what conduct is considered to be targeted abuse or harassment are:if you are sending messages to a user from multiple accounts;if the sole purpose of your account is to send abusive messages to others;if the reported behavior is one-sided or includes threats.”

Sincerely yours,
Paul-Sorin Tiţa

UPDATE (October 18, one month and one week after the suspension):

I’m back on Twitter but I’m still waiting for an answer to my question concerning the reason for my suspension.

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